Meet Reggie & Jodi

Reggie and I pride ourselves on being "people" people. We don't make clients, we make friends. You aren't just another wedding on our calendar. We give a shit. Genuinely.


We care about YOU, your details, your family, your children. We care about your vision and how that can be brought to life with the way we tell your story. 


We are The Washington's. A pair of wedding Professionals that not only "bring it" on Wedding Day, but we create the vision with you that you want brought.. to life! 


We have been doing this quite some time. It took a while for us to finally "get it".. but after 400 plus weddings under our belt, we have this figured out.  We listen, and we deliver. 

We have been featured in over 19 publications, have won a multitude of awards and have traveled the world doing it.  Ultimately we were built for this. 

We would LOVE to be part of your special day.


Take a look around and see if something tickles your fancy. We would  love to explore possibilities with you creating the perfect package for your wedding day. 







Jodi & Reggie

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